Sandalwood Road Photography: Nature and More..

by Lucy Hagger


A little bit of shameless self-advertisement here.. apologies. I have set up a new blog today for my photography escapades. I’ve recently managed to get my hands on an old camera from my Grandpa’s house and it has spurred me on to get back into photography.

I had a brief stint when I was about 16 but studies have always limited what I’ve been able to do.. until now! Nearing the end of my degree I hope to get a little bit of time to pursue some of my other loves, and what better place to present my work than on another blog?!

There will still be glimmers of my interests and loves. I love taking photos of nature, whether it be landscapes, animals or plants, I’m sure they will feature pretty commonly. Feel free to go and have a look.. there isn’t much on there at the moment but give it a bash 🙂

Hope you all enjoy!