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Month: January, 2013

OneZoom Tree of Life Experience

Had first day back for lectures today after exams.. joy. We’ve been given a piece of coursework that involves us choosing a clade (branch of a phylogenetic tree) to explore and analyse with far too much time spent on R doing coding and other fascinatingly wonderful things. So in the process of choosing my clade a friend suggested this awesome Tree of life site. It’s been created by Imperial College London and you can explore deep into the trees of amphibians, birds and mammals. 

Follow the link below and ENJOY!






Best of British 2012: 3. Earthquake

The Techtonics: “Earthquake” has been announced as 3rd best UK a capella song of 2012! So proud :’)


The Best of British 2012 is our unofficial countdown of the top ten UK a cappella tracks of the past year. Over the next few weeks leading up to the Christmas period, we will be counting down, from ten to one, what we believe have been the best tracks on show this year, ranging from awesome arrangements, sensational solos, marvellous mash-ups, punny parodies and everything in between.

Eligible Tracks

In order to determine which tracks were to be considered for this accolade, we decided to restrict our selections to songs that fell under ONE or BOTH of the following categories:
a) A song that made its live debut in 2012
b) A song that was featured on a 2012 album

For example, although all of the tracks featured on The AccidentalsEP made their debuts at the 2011 Voice Festival, because the album was released in 2012, all of…

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