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Month: December, 2012

Merry Pugmas!

Can’t get a dog of your own this Christmas? Why not treat yourself to this lovely tshirt instead? You will be the envy of all of your friends.

Definitely the best present I have received in a long time.

Merry Pugmas


All You Need is Love Flash Mob Proposal by The Techtonics

The all male A Cappella group at Imperial, The Techtonics, have put together this video of when they performed for a man proposing to his girlfriend. If you want to get that fuzzy feeling inside your tummy, you need to watch this. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL

Christmas-Revision Hybrid HO HO HO

Although it is the time of year that brings warmth to all hearts.. for me it is bringing this, but a hell of a lot more stress. That point in the academic year is upon us.. the joy sucking, Christmas ruining January exams! What wonderful things they are. So my plan has been to balance these two worlds and make a revision-Christmas hybrid. This does definitely have its pitfalls, for example, eating mince pies over your notes does not help you in figuring out what that word is underneath that giant pie smudge. However, that glimmer of happiness that is a mince pie does aid in reducing the soul-destroying feelings that come with revision. 
I could say that I created a revision timetable that most organisation-bashers would die for, however, this is not the case. My mains strategy has been to do all I can as fast as I can but still enjoying those Christmas-y perks along the way. So for example, today I reached my half way point in revision, albeit slightly behind schedule, but it is still an achievement. Therefore, I have planned to nip to the village pub for a cheeky one (or two) as I kind of alcohol fuelled reward. Who knows, I might even have mulled wine.

So this Christmas time, please don’t get bummed down with revision, essays and the rest of it. Celebrate for the turkey, the Christmas jumpers, the absurd amount of chocolate around the house, the mince pies and of course the presents. Wallow in gravy, it’s much better than self pity.


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