We Will Rock You: Review

by Lucy Hagger

This August I headed down to London with the family for my Dad’s sshhh.. 50th birthday. We were in a bit of a pickle trying to figure out what to get my Dad as he’s the most difficult man. After some brainstorming with the mother we decided we’d take him to see We Will Rock You. He’s a bit of a die-hard Queen fan, which means we all are too, so something we could all enjoy.

We arrived at the Dominion Theatreon Tottenham Court Road and got to our seats. The theatre was much larger than expected and the traditional architecture added that little extra glamour to the place.

I had no idea what the story of the musical would be so I’ll give a little description of the main storyline; don’t worry I won’t give anything away. So the time is the future and the world has become completely globalised. There is no individualism and no real music except for digitally produced, super controlled tracks. However, there are some rebels attempting to hold on to individual thought and attempting to unearth the elusive rock music from the past. The plot mainly follows two main characters Gallileo and Scaramouche and their fight against the new world and its leader the Killer Queen. As you can tell from the names, the idea of Queen is very much entwined into the cast and plot providing many entertaining moments. They are in search for the lost axe of the hairy one. Seems a little cryptic and I won’t say any more. They meet many intriguing characters on their way and there is great rock and roll with throughout with a few jibes at modern music culture.

We Will Rock You is an absolutely hilarious musical which will leave you in tears of laughter. If you’re a Queen fan it will get you rocking in your seats; I have to admit to a bit of cheeky head banging. The performances were incredible, as you would expect from a West End production.All the classic Queen songs are in there with some of the less famous ones, so whether you’re a die-hard Queen fan or just a bit of a dabbler you’ll still have a great sing along. I had my reservations as to how the performances would hold up to the incomparable talent of Freddie Mercury, but I was pleasantly surprised with all songs doing the originals serious justice.

Check out the Dominion Theatre website for some clips and pictures of the show to get yourself in the We Will Rock You mood.

If you’re up for a bit of rock and roll in your evenings you must get yourself down to the Dominion Theatre for what will be a hilarious,  head banging experience and bring out your inner Bohemian!