Nails Nails Nails

by Lucy Hagger

Recently I’ve had a bit of an obsession with nails. Mine tend to be pretty short and being at university and having to write notes and do labs, absurdly long nails aren’t really practical, but I’d still like them to look half decent. I’m always trying to think of new things to do when I’m painting them and with nail art becoming an increasingly big thing in the fashion world this year I’ve had much inspiration. Initially I just did more simple things like dots or painting my tips a different colour. These required a very steady hand, and I’m pretty wobbly as people go. So it took a few attempts until my dots looked like dots not messy splodges and my lines were vaguely straight. As a tip, cut the end off of tooth picks and use them to get neater dots or to glue on small diamantes or sequins.

I was them browsing about online and found these amazingly patterned nail stickers. They were so much easier than faffing about trying to paint them all fancy and they were pretty cheap. Once you’ve had a go at the first couple its pretty easy after, you just need some nail clippers and scissors and you’re good to go. It says on the pack that they last about 10 days, but I managed to get my last batch to last over 3 weeks. They’re an easy and cheap way to great nails without having to be a nail master yourself or go to get them done proffessionally.
You can get them all over the place with shops like Topshop and Urban Outfitters selling them or you can check ASOS and Amazon.

Patterned Nail Art Stickers

Polka Dot Nail Art Stickers







Here is a trick I had a go at to get spattered nails. If you simply dip a straw into your nail varnish pots then blow onto your nails you get this really amazing effect. It was rather messy but after a good wash the mess comes off. Love this, so simple, but so effective.

Splatter Nails