A Capella

by Lucy Hagger

Music is a big part of anyone’s life and in that way something that we can all relate to.

This year I joined my universitie’s female a capella group the Imperielles. I’ve never been particularly musically talented but I have always loved singing and I’d found an environment where even though I had very basic musical knowledge I could still give it a good go.

Before joining I really had no idea about the UK a capella scene. I had some understanding that it was pretty big in America (it is in fact HUGE). As I continued to go to rehearsals the world of A capella opened up to me and I was fixed.

When I joined in January the group were in the midst of preparing for the biggest UK a capella competition that takes place every year: UK Voice Festival.

The Imperielles had only been a group for a couple of months when I joined and so we were very much in our infancy. We were taking part in Voice Fest mainly to get a bit of performance experience and to see what sort of level other groups were at. We went to the festival with Imperial’s male a capella group the Techtonics. The Techtonics are a more established group at Imperial and are very much the Imperielles much better and more experienced older brother.

Imperielles at the Imperial Festival

We competed in the London qualifier with the Techtonics, King’s College female group The King’s Chix and male group All The King’s Men. and Cambridge’s male group Fitz Barbershop. The competition at Voice Fest was mainly a 2 group race between the Techtonics and All The King’s Men. Techtonics took best solo and  outstanding performance with their version of Earthquake which definitely deserves a watch. All The King’s Men won overall and went on to win the entire competition and compete on the world a capella stage.

Imperielles, The Scopes and Techtonics performing In The Smoke’s “Don’t Stop The Music” at Imperial Festival

It’s been 7 months since the competition and the Imperielles have grown not only in the number of members but also in confidence and our performances are becoming more dynamic and more regular. Since Voice Fest we’ve been busking around London; mainly around Exhibition Road, we’ve also performed at Imperial Festival and at Imperial a capella night at our union. So it’s all looking up for the Imperielles.

I was voted deputy president of the group and this year, my final year at Imperial, I hope that the Imperielles will continue to grow and keep on singing.

If you want to see some of our songs below are some links to our main songs and performances.

Dog Days Are Over , Grenade, Back To Black,Love Song

Get scouting about the internet to witness some of the amazing a capella talent out there, on both sides of the pond. Hopefully that’ll be enough to encourage you to get your vocal chords warmed up get out there and have a good sing song!